Frequently Asked Questions

Who chooses the Winner and how is it done?

At the end of each contest we send all of our entries to a 3rd Party Sweepstakes Firm OR we will have our team do a live random selection who conducts a random computerized drawing.

Once we receive the drawing results from them we announce the winner on our website and social media platforms as well as contact the winner directly via email and phone.

What are the requirements to win?

You'll have to follow us on instagram and all social media platforms. We encourage you to purchase to have more entries in our contest. 

Are the supplements fresh and not expired? How will we receive the 12 month supply and cash prize?

We can do this two ways where we ship you the 12 month supply all at once or have you receive it monthly. Cash prizes will be either sent by paypal, venmo or cash app. 

Do you actually give these supplements away?

Yes, each of our contests are bonded and registered which legally requires us to give away each prize. Our contests are professionally administered by American Sweepstakes & Promotion Co. Inc. located in Rochester, New York