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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the sugar / carb / calorie content of this product?

contains no carbs, no sugars, and no calories. The sweetening is provided by stevia leaf extract, a natural sweetener with zero calories and zero carbs.

Can you use the pre-workout and the fat burner at the same time?

Yes. You can stack with, and many of our customers do exactly that to enjoy the combined benefits. You can start by taking a half-dose of  (1 capsule) with and then move up to the regular dosage.

Should I take a break after finishing a bottle?

You don’t need to take time off from using this. You can use it anytime you need it to support your training goals.

Does this contain any animal-sourced ingredients?

Is is a 100% vegetarian product. There are no animal-sourced ingredients in it.

On another note, the facility where it’s manufactured processes milk, egg, soybeans, shellfish, fish, tree nuts, and peanuts – so please take that into account if you have any allergies.

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The amino acid arginine has several roles in the body, such as helping remove ammonia from the body, which is a waste product of protein metabolism. Arginine is also an essential precursor of nitric oxide, which helps maintain blood vessel tone.

Without good blood flow the muscle growth won't happened, that's why IronFit L-Arginine will help you keep the efficiency of your blood vessel, as well as helping your body stay clean.

  • Essential precursor of nitric oxide.
  • Helps maintain healthy blood vessel tone.
  • 90 caplets / 90 servings

More information about the formula:

Niacin - Also known as Vitamin B3, in the body is important for general good health. It can also boost the levels of good HDL cholesterol and lower triglycerides.

Calcium - Calcium is a mineral that is necessary for life. In addition to building bones and keeping them healthy, calcium enables our blood to clot, our muscles to contract, and our heart to beat.

L-Arginine - L-Arginine is a chemical building block called "an amino acid." It is obtained from the diet and is necessary for the body to make proteins. 

Quite possibly L-arginine’s biggest benefit lies in its role as a precursor to nitric oxide. Nitric oxide functions as a vasodilator, essentially “opening up” veins and arteries, making it easier for blood (and all the oxygen and nutrients it carries) to flow freely through your body.

L-Arginine AKG 2:1 - Arginine alpha-ketoglutarate (AKG) is a salt formed by combining two molecules of the amino acid L-Arginine and one molecule of alpha-ketoglutarate. 

It helps with your immune system, releases hormones and removes ammonia from your body.  Arginine also helps heal your wounds and takes part in cell division.  Arginine will relax your blood vessels so that they widen and allow more blood to flow through.  Arginine also helps to produce nitric oxide and is necessary to create creatine;  which are very beneficial especially if you workout.

L-Citrulline - L-citrulline is the natural form of citrulline. Although your body produces its own supply, consuming extra citrulline can have significant performance benefits.

L-Citrulline Malate Extract - Lowers blood pressure, reduces fatigue and improves performance in the gym.

Beta Alanine - Promotes strength, endurance, & muscle growth.


You don’t need to be told the importance of packing protein after a hard workout. But having a sandy texture and bad taste isn’t what you signed up for. IronFit WHEY Protein promotes lean muscle gains without any unwanted fat gains. WHEY Protein is staked with 25g of whey protein isolate per scoop, and loaded with vitamins, minerals, and nutrients to support your body in reaching your fitness goals.


Bright labels and long ingredients lists are impossible to know whether they’re actually helping you in the gym. We don’t have any fluff. Each serving has 25 grams of pure whey protein, along with natural vitamins and minerals! Hit those goals with the right protein for muscle growth and strength today.


Each blend we’ve created is lab tested so only the most necessary ingredients make it into the final product. We’re not in the business of selling random roots or magic plans. We’re in the business of high quality results backed by science and engineering. We put our money where our mouth is with a 30 money-back guarantee!

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